About Manoj Sinha

Manoj Sinha and the art
of the caricature

A cartoonist is a visual artist who specialises in drawing cartoons... There is one such man ,it has been said about him that - "he has got Ink directly from Saraswati Maa", a man with such persona is none other than Manoj Sinha, He started his journey from his native land Ranchi and is presently based in Delhi. working with the Hindustan Times Group, New Delhi. His love for cartoon making made headway when he went to Ravindra Bharati University Kolkata in 1995 and started his career with Ranchi Daily Prabhat Khabar, He also served various organisation as cartoonist and animation man. furnished with such attenuated skills of cartooning since the very beginning, he is widely known in India followed by millions of fans. He loves anything that make him think and laugh this is why he loves cartoons so much, In his own words he says - " One can say so much visually and make people think laugh and feel." as an attentiveness me invest some of his time in taking workshop and seminars, According to him cartooning is the best way of connecting with audience. He says - " I have had privilege of creating such cartoons." World famous designers Mr. Mario R Gracia mentioned Manoj in his blog as "He draws them as he sees them. " He delineated nearly every well known celebrity in India for which he has been honoured and regarded. According to Manoj Sinha everyone has something in common to get inspiration from. He divulge that people he dislike are his best subjects. Things that make Manoj distinct is his aptness to comprehend local connectedness and transfiguring it in his cartoons.